Major influences in Sabine's work are her exposure to different cultures and landscapes through traveling to many different countries; her background in cartography and advertising; and the love of modern interior design. Sabine was born in East Berlin and spent a major part of her life in East Germany. After graduating with a degree in Cartography, she worked for a tourist map publisher. In 1989 she fled the Soviet-controlled part of Germany. After having settled in Cologne, Germany she enrolled as a student in The Advertising Academy in Cologne, where she graduated with honors and won acclaim for the development of an image campaign for a major German corporation. While working for an advertising agency in Cologne, Sabine was intrigued by modern graphic design. During this major influential time of her life, she was able to travel and explore the world and its many splendors of color and culture.

In 1999, she moved to Houston, Texas with her husband and son and enrolled in the Glassel School of the Museum of Fine Arts. While living and working in the Clear Lake area, she joined the Advisory Board at The Arts Alliance Center at Clear Lake (TAACCL). Her artwork has been exhibited in Art Galleries and can also be seen in many private collections in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and the Houston area. Currently Sabine's work is represented in Houston by Thornwood Gallery.

STATEMENT The philosophical approach of my contemporary work is minimalism. In my work, the expression of life's various stages, emotions and my love for nature are represented through the use of different types of mediums and textures. The texture is achieved through many layers of color, acrylic and modeling paste, 3-dimentional objects and bold Styrofoam blocks. "Hanging Sculptures" are the result of this process of building up surfaces. My artwork's robust texture is created by mixing different materials, such as, wood, cork, glass, sponges, leaves, shells, metal wire, etc. Dominating factor is the use of opposing textures such as, rough and smooth, matte and glossy, light and dark. In these hectic and stressful days of modern living, people are seeking more harmony and balance. My intention is to create art for everyday life based on different cultural influences. My focus is the sensation of free flowing energy through color and texture. Simplicity is the key element!