Ella Kristallinskaya

Ella Kristallinskaya

Ella Kristallinskaya
I was born in Izhevsk, Russia (former Soviet Union). I studied and achieved my degree at Izhevsk University. I have traveled extensively throughout the globe being influenced by each culture, their music and their way of life that have inspired my latest abstract collection. I fell in love and married an American and have lived in the United States since 2001 and have become a USA citizen. I now paint and reside in Laguna Niguel, California. My Appreciation of nature, how I see, hear, and feel it deeply impacts my art. As a child those vivid memories and experienced of the world around me, intensely rooted in my psyche, are the guides in the creation of my art. One, in particular, my first real appreciation of the coming of Spring to the frozen landscapes will be with me always. It must have been at the age of three or four, living in Russia as a child, I clearly remember the first days of warmth arriving to our snow and ice covered world. Coming upon a mound of bright snow, the surface had begun to melt but had become frozen again, and a beautiful transparent sheath on the outside. It was like a giant crystal ball. I couldn’t resist and quickly pushed my hand into the mound, releasing a part of the snow and its thin veneer window. I was awestruck, holding this little creation in my hand, seeing an incredibly intricate lace just below the surface. It began to melt and change in front of my eyes. I stood still, a child with no capability of descending, experiencing something beautiful and new. My mother was begging me to come inside – thinking I would stay out there forever, but how could I tear myself away from this new vision of the world? Another early fascination was my first attendance to a ballet. The movements were striking. The airiness and glimmer of the dancers resonated deeply. The motion of the violinists' bow set my imagination on fire, and I saw the tip as a dancing dot of light, in beautiful synchronization to the sounds. How could I express this when so young? I know translate these visions, these feelings, onto the canvas. I am enthralled by abstract art because it gives me the ability to experience a vast depth of transcendental expression. The abstract form is nearly without limits; allowing my inner necessity to manifest itself. I have discovered there is a relationship between color and form for creating the aesthetic feeling which intertwines vision with emotion – creating a single and deep familiarity. 


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